How to Rank on Google!

How to Rank on Google!

Who doesn’t like being know  on Google? I surely do! Do you feel the same for your website/ business? Well! It’s no rocket science. You can get it with few simple steps and a lot of dedication! Bringing you the points you need to consider to to Rank on Google- No kidding!

Keep a check on your keywords

Are you updates with google’s new policy? Well! The keywords density of each word has gone down to 1%. It’s recently when google started paying extra attention towards the Content ranking.Hence it has become relatively important to keep a check on the keyword density to attain google ranking.  

Keyword in first 100 words

Let’s suppose the topic for your content is google ranking. As a good digital marketing strategy you need to bring in important keywords in the first 100 words of your blog/ article/ content to get good SEO results

Keyword in first 100 words

Long relevant Content

Yguest posting). The benefit of guest posting is, it helps you gain credibility in the eyes of the viewers and long sustaining reputation for your company.

Answer on quora- it works

Quora is the biggest platform for getting your voice heard. Create a twitter account of your website and try to solve people’s query related to your business website. The more you answer, the more will be the audience for your website- and that’s how it works.

Be active on social media

Social media has changed the way we look at things these days.When it comes to your business or a website, Social media can play a major role. Be socially active. Keep posting, keep promoting. The more active you be on social media, the better will be the promotional strategy for your website.

social media

Follow these steps to gain the maximum google visibility and the best of google ranking of your website.

Still have questions? Connect with Istrategyzer- the top digital marketing company in Noida.ou should aim for 2000 words per article- because google targets for long articles with strong keyword relevance. Though you may argue on the point, people are not really interested in reading long articles. So why make our audience go bored? Well wait a second, shine in the eyes of google and eventually people will know you better- you need a long article no matter what. (Consider istrategyzer for quality results- the top digital marketing company in Noida)

Target word to be placed in URL

The clickable URL that you create for google search needs to have focus keywords- says the Top digital marketing company. Hence choose your words wisely and pick up words that can get maximum hits in a jiffy- people the more hits it get, the more popular it becomes. And eventually Popularity is equal to visibility.

Play with internal links

Internal linking can help you get more traffic on your website. The more you put internal linking, more will be the visitors reach on your website. Or you can simply redirect your visitor to another blog/ website of your. Don’t you think it’s a cool strategy to bring in traffic to your page? Well! This method is adopted by the top digital marketing companies– yes! You heard that right!

Forget Long keywords

Short keywords have better search result as compared to long keywords. Because in the digital arena, shorter is the flexible one. For example, if your search ‘ what are the causes of cancer’ and the other one as “Causes of cancer”. Well the second one has better chances to rank.

Use Latent sementing indexing (LSI) keywords.

Lsi keywords are the one which are seen on the end of the google search result page. They are basically keywords related to the actual word that you search for. Incorporating it in your blog can help you get a better visibility.

Guest posting is important

Guest posting is posting unique content (which is informational) on other website.

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