6 Social Media Techniques to Boost your Website Traffic

Social Media

With most businesses going digital, it has become a necessity to be seen and trusted by audiences. Today every marketer wishes to have an active social media presence for a bigger and wider customer reach. Building trust is not a cakewalk; it requires marketers to increase their overall efforts and campaigns.

Establishing a social media network takes time. It also takes a lot of commitment as well as planning to interest social media audiences. As a result, we thought of providing six of the most effective social media tricks and techniques that will help you brand your website.

Attract your Audience with Visuals

First Impression is the Last Impression! This saying refuses to grow old and stands true even in the world of digital marketing. Thus, to attract a particular set of audience, it is essential that your social media posts are visually attractive. They create more engagement and a user automatically gets interested in your products if your images are pleasing to the eyes.

Instagram is one of the most active platforms where you can win the audience with unique visuals. Make the following changes to improve the visuals:  –

  • Use Vibrant colors and well-designed layouts.
  • Make use of High-quality photos.
  • Show your products or services in a new light.
  • Give out an on-point and well-planned message.

Utilize Social Media Buttons and Plugins

Media Buttons and Plugins

Add social media buttons and plugins on your website. With this, your readers will be able to share your website content with just one click. Simply select the social media platforms that you want your content to reach like – Twitter, LinkedIn or Facebook and your attach their buttons. An added advantage of this technique is that users can share your content without having to leave the page.

Don’t forget to make those buttons mobile friendly. They should not be too big in size because having huge buttons may distract your audiences.

Update Regularly

The key to building follower count is all within consistency. The more consistent you are with your social media publishing, the higher chance you have at being seen. Once you start to see a spike in social media traffic, you shouldn’t slow down on your posting.

Consistency is the key! Updating your website with blogs and write-ups on a regular basis results in better audience engagement. It is easy to make a business profile on different social media platforms, what requires effort is staying active on all of them. Slowing down after building a good amount of audience is unhealthy for your website traffic.

You can start by making a journal wherein you can list down your daily social media publishing schedule. It may go like: –

Facebook4-8 posts per week
Instagram2 posts per day
Twitter 4-5 posts per day
Google+4-10 times per week
LinkedIn3-5 posts per week

Keep track of all your posts along with their respective times. Different platforms have different peak times and posting during the peak hours is highly beneficial.

Improve Search Engine Optimization

Search Engine Optimization

We receive many complaints from clients saying ‘we are sharing our content but are still not getting results.’ The answer to this query is, sharing effectively and on the right places. Business owners must make sure that they are using the right SEO or Search Engine Optimization practices.

If your website offers two or more services, then you should definitely use interlinking. Interlinking is a successful SEO practice where all the website pages are connected with each other through proper interlinking.

WordPress websites are a prime example of SEO friendly websites. They have SEO features attached to the admin panel, which users can make use of whenever they publish new content.

Using these features leads to: –

  • Better Online Visibility
  • More Visitors and Views
  • A direct connection with the audience
  • High domain and page authority
  • More social media traffic

Be Interactive

Making regular posts is not the only technique to engage audiences. Interacting with them is also extremely important. Each social media platform has a comment and message section. As a business owner, it is your responsibility to keep a tab on the queries they leave in comment and message section.

Moreover, if you respond to customer queries and requests on time, you’ll be able to build a loyal audience. It is essential that all of your clients, customers, and visitors know that ‘you’re listening.’

Analyze your Competitors

Knowing what your competitors are doing is a tried and trusted yet successful formula. If they are able to generate traffic and customers via social media strategies so can you!

The key is to notice how the audience responds to their posts and adapting changes to your strategies accordingly.  Perform a competitive analysis and check your areas of improvement. Do not copy your competitors, create your own pathway towards success.

A competitive analysis will help you attain information on your competitor’s –

  • Number of posts per day or week.
  • Active social media channels.
  • Responsive Rate
  • Types of images, videos, and blogs.

All social media networks are different, but these techniques will help you in being successful. Adopting these techniques will fetch you fruitful results in terms of business growth as well.

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