4 Social Media Marketing Methods to Promote your Brand

Social Media Marketing

With regards to utilizing Social Media Marketing or SMM to construct your business, the most noticeably bad activity is NO activity, and your most concerning issue is being invisible and not being talked about at all.

It’s a smart thought, to begin with, an arrangement that has an organizing framework and goals to keep you on track. If you are not getting any results with the posts you are making and sharing, then you can change things around.

Here are a few techniques that you can use on Facebook and Twitter to increase your audience engagement: –

Make Content Adjustments

Twitter and Facebook both offer information on how well individual posts perform with your group of followers, including their range and level of engagement.

Steps to make content changes on Facebook and Twitter:


  1. Go to Insights
  2. Click on Posts
  3. Select the Post Types option to keep a tab on the engagement by the kind of substance you posted (post, connect, picture, video).


  1. On Twitter simply click on one the tweet and you will be able to see its insights.
  2. If that doesn’t work, go to Settings
  3. Click on Analytics and then click on tweets

Give careful consideration to this information, since it paints a reasonable picture about the kind of content your audience or followers is most intrigued by. You can audit this information to perceive how your crowd reacts to the utilization of links, pictures, and video. For instance, link sharing probably won’t grab much of audience attention. But by looking closer, you could find that your audience might be less interested in link posts but if they are links of your own website’s blogs, then they pay some attention to them.

Observing the information on post engagement can enable you to change your way to deal with sharing content. By that, you can use the kind of content that your audience likes and connects with.

Make a Post Schedule

Not all of your audience or followers are active during the daytime. Some of them get time to check their social media platforms after their 9-5 jobs. Therefore, you should manage your social media posts accordingly.

Keeping a check on your posts can also let you know precisely when your audience connects with your posts the most.

You can check all of that by changing your setting or using certain tools.


  1. Go to Insights
  2. Click on Posts
  3. Select the ‘When Your Fans Are Online’ option.


Simply make use of the ‘Tweriod’ to discover when the main part of your supporters is on the web.

Getting the planning appropriate on your posts can have an immense effect. If you make a post toward the beginning of the day, but the majority of your audience connects with the posts toward the evening, then the early morning post will only be seen by just a little segment of your audience.

Focusing in on when your audience is most active will enormously enhance your engagement statistics and reach.

Get a close look at your Audience

Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter have a wide range of users. In fact, the number of users on both these platforms increases with each passing year. They have users of different; behavior, location interests, lifestyle, employment, and more.

Facebook is best for attaining various informational data while Twitter provides supportive audience data. To get the data you can use the following steps: –


  1. Go to Ads Manager
  2. Click on Audience Insights.
  3. You will get all the information on your audience.


  1. Click on Settings
  2. Select the Twitter Ads option
  3. Click on Analytics
  4. Choose the ‘Audience Insights’ option and you will receive data such as customer behavior, lifestyle, demographics and mobile footprint.

Advance Your Engagement

Most advertisers need to expand the number of likes, shares, retweets, and reactions from social posts. But not all that you share will be liked or appreciated by your audience. You cannot have topics and content that perform superior to other people all the time. All of this requires proper research and timing.

In the process of refining the content on your post, you should focus on using that information that has more chances to grab your audience’s reaction. Merge your social media marketing skills with your content management techniques and then see the result.

You can start with making changes like –


  1. Go to Insights
  2. Select the ‘Posts’ option and tap on Post Types
  3. Switch the engagement measurements in Facebook to indicate comments, likes, reactions and shares for each post instead of rather than post clicks.


  1. Go to Settings
  2. Analytics followed by ‘Tweets’
  3. Take a look at which post themes get the most engagement.

We hope you got a better understanding of how Facebook and Twitter can help you promote your brand in a better way. For more social media tips and tricks, get in touch with Istrategyzer, the best online marketing company in Noida.

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