4 SEO Mistakes that Crush Website Rankings

4 SEO Mistakes that Crush Website Rankings

There can be “n” number of reasons for lost ranking issue your website is struggling with. While some issues can be handled on an individual basis but for some, you need to take the help of experts. In this post, we will learn about 5 possible reasons why your website is losing rankings on Google. So, if the falling ranking graph is stealing your good night’s sleep, read the post to know the root cause.

Major Cause of Lost Rankings in Websites

You are not providing unique and useful Content

Not every business idea is unique but the ways to promote it online can be. Every business idea –  no matter how basic or unique the core idea is – needs content that can be read or you can say be scanned on the huge pool of Google SERP. To be able to be scanned by many eyes searching for your services or products, the content uploaded on your website has to be unique, useful, and relevant. You can not expect Google to rank your website on the top pages of the search engine with a duplicate or poorly written content. This emerges the need for a fresh content which can either help your website outshine amongst the top searches or make it an invisible spirit on Google SERP. Hence, always ensure that your website entails some useful yet unique piece of content.

The Page load speed is too slow

No user is willing to spend his/her precious time on websites that load too slow. Especially when there is a lot more waiting on Google SERP yelling to get opened. This makes Page Load Speed an essential factor in deciding the ranking of your website. The websites that load fast are more likely to be ranked at the top of the search engines leaving behind those that take time. Search engine giants like Google, Yahoo, and Bing consider page load speed a crucial element of a website. Hence, preference is given to those which take only a few seconds to get open. Hence, if your website is taking too much time to get open, you know where to put your focus on. Try making it light so that it gets maximum clicks and less bounce.

Image Optimization is not done

Image Optimization

There are many ways to rank a keyword of which ranking it with the help of an image is one. Hence, if your website contains a couple of images, make sure they are uploaded with proper Alt texts. Alt texts are the keywords that make images rank on search engines. This has been a great SEO practice to drive traffic on even a dead website. This technique works best when you could not rank your website with the content. But uploading relevant images with the targeted keywords can help you achieve that. Hence, the next time you upload a blog or article for your website, make sure the images uploaded are SEO optimized. Upload them with Alt texts and you never know what rankings they attain in the next few hours.

You are not using Header Tags

No one likes reading plain text, not even Google. Hence, while writing content for your website, make sure you use proper header tags on it. Header tags not only give a clear look to your content but they also help your website look prominent when it comes to the rankings. Using your secondary keyword in H2 helps Google know that what the content is targeting. In an article, you can use up to 5 five header tags to give it a clear appearance.


No website can attain rankings in just one single day, but when backed with great SEO strategies can achieve so in a few days. While practicing the above-mentioned SEO strategies help you achieve positive results in months, taking the help of a professional. Top seo services company in noida can even do wonders for your website. Hence, if you are struggling with the lost rankings of your website, do connect with a professional SEO service company – like iSTRATEGYZER – and let the experts do the wonders for your online business.

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